New way of
on-street parking
There was not much improvement since the first parking meters were introduced in the 1935s. There is a solution now.
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Increase revenue from street parking by 2.5 in just 6 months with our unique parking automation technology.

SmartBot Parking

An innovative automated management and control parking solution, approved by the Government of the French Republic. The only system, globally, that works in real time.

Our aim is to help the environment and build sustainable infrastructure

One mission. Two solutions

For parking on the city street


On-street parking to automate fee collection for city parking spaces

For parking on the city street


Automated enforcement over no parking and no stopping zones

Why SmartBot Parking System?

Significant budget increase

The use of the SmartBot Parking system helps increase budget revenue from street parking, revise the payment schedule, reduce the fees of each parking space, abandon fines, and also lower the cost of maintaining enforcement and fee collection systems.

Help the environment

The system makes it possible to optimize city traffic, lower congestion, and thereby reduce vehicle emissions into the environment, which will have a significant impact on air quality and health of the general population.


The capability to change paid parking zones according to the city’s needs, reduce traffic-related noise pollution and lower traffic in the city centre, thereby increasing pedestrian zones and cycling paths there, as well as encouraging people to use public transport more actively.

Sensor Overview

ParkPost Parking

We’ve reinvented a way to control and pay for parking spaces.

Proprietary license plate recognition technology

Simple set-up and service

Full support at every stage

Join us in building a smart and sustainable city.

We are working on complex issues to make the city comfortable for both pedestrians and road users, improving the environment today and creating opportunities for future generations.